Dog Battles Dementia

Have you ever heard of dog dementia? As we continue our "Animal ER" series, we tracked down a Yorkshire Terrier named Hector. He was rescued from a dumpster several years ago by Craven County couple Pat Lewis and her husband. Pat says she noticed something different about Hector. "He acted like he was lost and you could put him outside and he didn't know where he was at kind of." Dr. Fred Knowles at Neuse Veterinarian Clinic diagnosed Hector with dog dementia. Dr. Knowles says, "The dogs get lost, they're just confused, they mix up night and day, they'll lose their house training,
they'll even get stuck in corners, they'll get in a corner and can't get out of a corner." But, that's not a problem for Hector anymore. He takes the drug Anapril everyday, the only drug approved for the disease. Pat says it's working. Hector is like a new dog. She also says treating him over the years hasn't been cheap. She estimates she has spent thousands, but says it's worth it.