Wounded Marines Helping Other Wounded Troops

We hear their stories day in and day out, hundreds of men and women, just back from the battlefield who are injured while fighting for our freedom. Gunnery Sergeant Cory Willis and Sergeant Chadd Jackson are two of these men, back at home but forever scarred with the pain of an injury. Willis has been dealing with a back and brain injury, and Jackson, has lost 90 percent of his feeling in his left arm, after it was embedded with shrapnel. Even though they are in pain each and everyday, these men are training for the "Hope for Warriors" run aboard Camp Lejeune next Saturday, putting their pain aside to help their fellow brothers in need, many of which are in worse condition. Both men are striving to raise $3,000 each. If you want to find out more about the race, or attend any of the day's events, even donate to a wounded warrior click on the link below: