NAACP Pushes Legislative Action

As far as the leaders of the state
NAACP are concerned, any action is better than no action
at all.
The Reverend William Barber, president of the state
NAACP chapter, and representatives of other activist
groups are calling on lawmakers to take action, even if it means
defeat, on bills representing their legislative agenda.
The groups endorsed a list of concerns ranging from expanding
health care coverage to abolishing the death penalty. Also on the
agenda is a "living wage" that would be several dollars more than
the current minimum of $6.15 per hour, and establishing collective
bargaining rights to government employees.
Bills have been introduced to encompass most of those items, but
only a few have received votes in committees or chambers.
House Speaker Joe Hackney says as time grows tight, it's logical
for lawmakers to focus on bills that have a chance for success.