Blue Angels Regroup For NC Show, First Since Fatal Crash

Tragedy is no surprise to Navy Commander Kevin Mannix, lead pilot for the Blue Angels.

He's spent 21 years as a U-S Navy pilot, his career boasting nearly 900 aircraft carrier landings and air combat during the first Gulf War.

His most recent leadership test came last month, when one of his fellow Blue Angels crashed during a show in South Carolina.

The team stopped flying for nine days and canceled a show in Nebraska.

Mannix says the best way to get through such tragedies is for these veteran pilots to get back into their cockpits and fly.

They'll do just that tomorrow at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.

The fast-flying Navy ambassadors will perform their first show since the April 21st crash that killed 32-year-old Lieutenant Commander Kevin Davis of Massachusetts.

Mannix says a replacement pilot for Davis should be ready to perform with the team in a few weeks.