EMS Worker Arrives To See Fire At Mother's, Stepfather's House

The director of emergency medical services in Forsyth County says he can't remember a situation like this one.

Alex Marsh was on duty at a Winston-Salem fire station last night when a call came in to respond to a fire. Dan Ozimek says when Marsh and other emergency personnel rounded the corner, she knew it was the home where her mother and stepfather lived.

Authorities say Michael Ugorek and his wife, Laura Ugorek, were at their home late Tuesday night when a fire started in the breakfast nook.

Michael Ugorek died Wednesday morning at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Laura Ugorek is listed in serious condition at the center. Her sister-in-law says she suffered broken ribs after she apparently jumped from a second-floor window.

Investigators don't know how the fire started.

Ozimek says Marsh has been given time off.