Edwards' Daughter Pleased Campaign Continues

Cate Edwards backs her parents' decision to
continue a run at the White House despite Elizabeth Edwards'
incurable cancer.
The 25-year-old daughter of former Senator John Edwards says if
her mother were in her last days, she doesn't think she'd be
spending them at home.
Cate Edwards made her comments in an interview with Harper's
Bazaar. She criticized those who say her father shouldn't run for
the sake of her younger brother and sister.
Cate Edwards also had harsh words for Ann Coulter, who used a
slur in referring to her father. Cate Edwards says she thinks very
little of what Coulter says is legitimate political talk, but the
particular reference was so offensive because, in her words, "it's
just incredibly derogatory."
Edwards joined her parents on the campaign trail in 2004 and
will hit the road again in 2008. She says her role will be to keep
her father grounded, especially after he once showed off a T-shirt
which read "John Edwards is hot."