Many Questions Remain In Pet Food Recall

Nearly two months after the massive pet food recall by Menu Foods, the Food and Drug Administration is still investigating. It's unsettling news for pet owners. The FDA says while the industrial chemical Melamine appears to be the culprit, it is still working to pinpoint for sure, the exact cause of the tainted food, and to make sure all of the contaminated product has been removed from the market. Countless dogs and cats have gotten sick, some have died. And there are cases here in Eastern Carolina. Many pet owners consider their animals a part of the family. So, you can imagine how upset Pete and Cathy Bocker of Newport in Cartert County were after they found out their cat Abby had eaten the Menu foods recalled pet food. Abby became ill -- but doctors were able to save her -- leaving the family with a bill to the tune of $700.00 from the pet emergency room. It goes to show that people will do anything to save their pets. Friday night Lynette Taylor introduces you to another animal who had to make a special trip to the "Animal ER" -- this time for a heart murmer.

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