Historic Paddle Wheel Takes One More Voyage

For decades, the H-G Wright roamed the Cape Fear River and its tributaries, clearing trees and other debris from local waterways. Its next trip could be further inland.

Since its construction in Fayetteville in 1882, the Wright has never traveled too far from Wilmington, even when it stopped plying the river in the 1930s to become quarters for local dockworkers.

By the end of next week, the only part of the vessel remaining in the region could be the rotting remnants of the wooden hull submerged on Eagles Island.

The Cape Fear Museum says it can no longer display the Wright's steam-powered paddle wheel. The N-C Transportation Museum in Spencer has shown an interest in displaying it.

Local historian and New Hanover County librarian Beverly
Tetterton thinks allowing the vessel to leave the area sends the wrong message.

She says she thinks there might be local groups willing to help save the Wright if they knew its fate.