Push For More Charter Schools

Scores of charter school students and
supporters marched to the Legislative Building Wednesday, asking
lawmakers to remove the 100-school limit on alternative public
schools in North Carolina.
Charter schools receive public money and have open enrollment,
but they're run by private boards and administrators. They don't
have to follow all the regulations of traditional public schools.
The number of charter schools has been at or near the cap of 100
for years. Preliminary data from the state Department of Public
Instruction shows that about 52-hundred students are on waiting
lists to enroll in charter schools this fall.
Speakers at a legislative rally said more charter schools could
provide a solution to traditional school overcrowding while giving
parents options for their children.
Similar bills to raise the cap or remove it completely have been
filed over the past several years and even passed one of the two
chambers. But some people have questioned the success of the
overall movement, pointing to low test scores at some schools.
Some also wonder how innovative the curriculum truly is.