Duke Cheating Scandal Involved More Than Just Exam

The cheating scandal that resulted in the punishment of 34 students from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business involved more than a take-home exam.

That's according to Mike Hemmerich, an associate dean at the school.

He says the professor found consistencies in the exam, then investigated other assignments. In turn, the judicial board that metes out punishment investigated both the final exam and other assignments.

Hemmerich says one student received a failing grade for an assignment separate from the exam.

The first-year students include both U-S and international students.

They have 15 business days from April 26, the day they were notified, to appeal. Then the appeals committee has ten business days to decide their fate.

In the meantime, Hemmerich says the students were allowed to finish classes last week and are now taking final exams.

Nine students will be expelled, 15 students will be suspended from the school for one year and get a failing grade in the course. Nine will get just the failing grade. One student received a failing grade on an assignment. The punishments will remain on their records for periods ranging from three years to three months.

Four were found not guilty.