Spring Cleaning Local Riverways

North Carolina rivers are in danger. Pollution from hog farms, storm water run off sewage and trash is what local river keepers are concerned about the most.

Saturday morning, close to 50 volunteers jumped in their boats and kayaks to pick up litter along the banks of the Tar River in Greenville. Crews also gathered in Washington to do the same along the Pamlico.

By the end of the day 20 miles of the both river ways had about a ton of trash-- less --along their banks....including 31 tires and several car parts.

Heather Jacobs, River keeper of The Pamlico and Tar Rivers says the state of our rivers could continue to decline. "There certainly a big concern, over the health of the River especially as the community continue to grow and we know with more people it can mean more stress on our water resources. "

The clean up along local waterways also included the Neuse River last week, which is now on the list of America's Top Ten Most Endangered Rivers.