Nine Year-Old Playing Video Games Saves Family From Fire

Early every morning, you can find nine-year-old Davien Hayden playing video games. This week, his daily habit may have helped save his family's life.

Davien says he got out of bed Tuesday morning and heard falling glass. He says he smelled smoke, then yelled for everyone to get out of the house.

Six other people were inside the home in Shelby, including Hayden's three young nieces and nephews and his sister. She says the bathroom was barely on fire when she got the kids out of the house, but when she tried to go back in, the bathroom was engulfed.

All seven family members got out alive. They're describing Davien as a hero, but he says he'd like to stay out of the spotlight, saying, "Too much fame, dude."

Davien credits his actions to the drills he practices at home and in school.

The house was destroyed. The fire is still under investigation.