Soldier Says He Suffered Brain Damage During Fort Bragg Training

A soldier in Colorado claims he faces a disciplinary hearing for behavior he blames on a brain injury suffered during Special Forces training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Specialist Paul Thurman says commanders ignored his injury and sent him to Iraq anyway.

Thurman is scheduled to undergo what the Army calls "nonjudicial punishment." That's limited to no more than 30 days in custody, some loss of pay and some extra duties. It can also result in a decision to conduct a court-martial.

Thurman said he will demand a court-martial, even though penalties can be far more severe.

Thurman provided The Associated Press with his service record and a medical profile showing that he had suffered a brain injury when a log fell on his head during a Special Forces training exercise at Fort Bragg in March 2006.

He was shipped to Kuwait, where he suffered a second injury. He says that during a surprise check early one morning, he said he had to get his medicine. When ordered back to the formation, he says he pursed the sergeant. Ashe left to return to his room, he says he suffered a seizure.