Inspiring Story Of Three-Legged Dog

It is an inspiring story of a dog overcoming obstacles. A local program to train unwanted pets for adoption almost turned away a disabled dog. But one year-old Skip got a new "Leash on Life." That's also the name of the program by the Craven County Correctional Institution, and where WITN's "Doppler Dog" was trained. Inmates train dogs placed in the animal shelter and prepare them to for a permanent home. Skip's missing hind leg wouldn't make him a good candidate for the program, but one look into his face, caused a change of heart. Stephanie Ball with the animal shelter says, "With his injury we really felt sorry for him so we got him use to walking on a leash and I took him home to get him used to my dogs and my daughter, got him worked up with his muscles, then we thought it would be fun to put him in the prison program." Skip has a few more weeks in the program. After graduation he will be placed for adoption.