Legislature Makes Lexington Barbecue Festival The Official N.C. Food Festival

People are touchy about North Carolina
barbecue, but the emotional argument over which is best might have
cooled off thanks to the Legislature.
State House members Thursday agreed to a measure making the
Lexington Barbecue Festival the official food festival for North
The 98-12 vote came two years after a similar bill suggested by
some fourth-graders got nowhere due to feelings that it favored one
type of barbecue over another.
When bills were originally filed in 2005, they mistakenly called
for Lexington's event to become the "state barbecue festival."
This year, the House bill's sponsors are highlighting the
100,000 people who attend the 25-year-old "food festival."
Barbecue allegiances are split between eastern and western
styles. While both use vinegar-based sauces, the western, or
Lexington-style barbecue also contains a small amount of tomato and
brown sugar and the pork comes from the shoulder of the hog.