70 Year Old Bleeding Victim Holds Down Burglary Suspect For Deputies

Deputies say they went to a home burglary call to find the 70-year-old homeowner bleeding from the head and holding down the suspect.

Carteret County deputies arrested Amy Mabes of Morehead City Saturday afternoon after being caught in the act.

David Seaton told deputies he discovered the 26-year-old woman stealing items from inside his garage on River Bluff Road. During the confrontation, deputies say the woman hit the homeowner in the head with a glass and metal lantern.

Deputies say they found stolen jewelry and coins on Mabes when she was arrested. They say the woman lives about a mile from Seaton's home.

She is charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods, and possession of burglary tools.

Mabes was jailed on a $40,000 bond.