NC Medical Board Disciplining More Doctors

More and more doctors are being disciplined by the state medical board, and the executive director of N-C Medical says it shows the board is doing its job.

The number of doctors disciplined by the state medical board rose 30 percent last year compared to 2005, and has tripled since 2002.

David Henderson says the numbers reflect an ongoing commitment by the medical board to effectively do its job. That comes in the face of criticism that the board has been too lax in punishing some errant physicians.

The board was criticized over its decisions in a pair of cases two years ago. It has since increased the number of staff members who investigate and raised license fees by 50 dollars to 175 dollars to help pay for the extra staff.

The medical board has gained national attention since it declared in January that any doctor who participates in an execution violates medical ethics and could face sanction.