Burn Victim 911 Tapes Released

Family members tell us Juanita Kinsey is underwent a second surgery Wednesday. Police are still searching for her husband, Timothy Kinsey, who they say poured gasoline on her and set her on fire. Juanita's fourteen year old son Timarcus is also recovering. He was burned trying to put out the flames on his mom. Lawmen released the 911 tapes Wednesday. We chose not air the call from Timarcus on which you can hear his mother in the background, without Juanita's permission. But another 911 call from that tragic night is a painful example of the fear and devastation violence brings.

911: Lenoir County 911.
Caller: 911, come to Lincoln.
911: What's going on?
Caller: Send an ambulance!
911: What's going on?
Caller: A lady's been set on fire!
911: A lady's been set on fire?
Caller: Yes, her husband set her on fire!
911: OK, I need to ask you some questions, ok?
Caller: Please, oh God, she's burned up, God...
911: Someone is getting help on the way.
Caller: Timmy set her on fire.
911: Listen, there's someone on the other phone, we're getting help on the way.
Caller: Please help, please, ma'am, please hurry.
911: Where's the person who set her on fire at?
Caller: I don't know where he is, I don't know.
911: Is there anything else on fire?
Caller: Her son...
911: Ok, is it... her son?
Caller: Oh my God. What's wrong with him? Oh my God, Jesus, please...
911: OK we're getting them on the way.
Caller: I don't know, send an ambulance... Please come help!
911: I'm getting them on the way.

Timarcus's hands are expected to be okay, and he was released from the hospital earlier this week. We'll keep you posted on Juanita's recovery. She works at a domestic violence shelter in Kinston.

Police say Timothy Kinsey they are searching for him in Jones and surrounding counties. They ask anyone with information about Timothy Kinsey to please alert their local law enforcement.