Some Nurses Want Board To Seek Ban On Participation In Executions

A group of nurses has been told it has to go to the Legislature to press its case for an ethics policy prohibiting them from participating in executions.

A few nurses are urging their licensing board to follow the example set by the state medical board, which this year threatened to punish any physician who participates in an execution.

Raleigh nurse Cynthia Gallion says participating in an execution is against the nurses' code of ethics. Gallion has collected more than 80 signatures on a petition urging the nursing board to act.

But David Kalbacker, a spokesman for the nursing board, says the board can't discipline a nurse who takes part in an execution unless lawmakers amend the Nursing Practice Act.

No such change to the state's Medical Practice Act wasn't required for the medical board, which has the power under state law to discipline doctors who fail to comply with its ethics policies.