NC Lottery Tickets Being Sold In Vending Machines

North Carolina has begun selling scratch-off lottery tickets in vending machines.

About 500 machines are being installed across North Carolina at supermarkets including Food Lion and Lowe's Foods. Lottery deputy executive director Alice Garland says some convenience stores with high ticket sales also are getting machines as a way to free up clerks.

The machines will not sell tickets for other games, including Pick 3, Carolina Cash 5 and Powerball.

Garland says the machines should be placed where clerks can watch them to make sure there are no underage ticket sales. The vending machines come with a remote power switch that allows clerks to shut them down if underage players try to play.

Virginia has sold lottery tickets through vending machines since 1990, and Maryland began using them in 1998. Lottery vending machines are illegal in South Carolina.