Fire Damages Pantry At Durham Rescue Mission

Fire has caused heavy damage this morning to the food pantry of the Durham Rescue Mission's men's campus.

Already, calls are going out for donations to help the mission rebuild its supplies.

Co-founder and business administrator Gail Mills says sparks from a wood stove apparently started the fire at the pantry, which is a four-room, wood-frame house on the campus.

Mills says her husband, who is the mission's executive director, tells her the building will likely have to be demolished.

Mills says she suspects the fire had destroyed or so damaged the food, including canned goods, that it would not be salvaged. The pantry held all the food for the men's shelter, including ten-thousand cans of food recently donated by Wake Christian Academy.

She says Rescue Mission workers plan to borrow food from the women's facility and buy new food supplies today. Mission officials hope donations will allow them to restock.