Elizabeth Edwards Fearful Of Neighbor

Elizabeth Edwards has yet to meet her Republican neighbor across the street from her Orange County home -- and she's in no hurry to see him.

The wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards recalls the time when Monty Johnson pulled a gun on workers checking on a right of way off his property. She says she doesn't want her kids near him.

Johnson is defending the time he drew his gun, saying the people on his land didn't have approval to be there. He says he uses the gun for protection, and he considered the incident with the workers to be the appropriate action.

Edwards describes Johnson as a ``rabid, rabid Republican'' who refuses to clean up his property just to spite her and her family's 28-thousand square-foot home. Johnson takes offense to that suggestion, saying he's spent a lot of money to fix up the property but he doesn't have (m) millions to fix up the place. He's criticizing the Edwards for the scale of their home.