Could Wine Production Suffer From Cold Snap?

A shot of cold air is getting ready to knock out summer like temperatures we've been having in Eastern Carolina, maybe knocking something else with it: Crops. Especially grapes grown in Duplin County. Sweet Muscadine grapes are what the Duplin Winery in Rose Hill is famous for. It's the largest Muscadine wine grower in the country. With nearly a thousand acres of vineyards to tend to, with forty three different grape growers counting on this year’s crop for their livelihood, a cold snap after eighty degree days means problems. Beyond the cash loss there are also concerns about shelf space. If winery owners can't maintain stock on store shelves, they could lose some of that valuable space. As far as insurance goes, roughly ninety percent of the grapes, both at the winery and on contractor's sites, are not insured.