Duke Lacrosse Case A Waiting Game

The Duke lacrosse case that dominated
headlines for most of last year has become a quiet wait for
But since the state's attorney general took over the charged
case in January, daily developments have been replaced by a long
stretch of behind-the-scenes work. Attorneys on both sides are
saying little, if anything at all.
Defense attorney Wade Smith, who represents charged player
Collin Finnerty, compares it to a jury that is deliberating.
Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans have lived in a legal
limbo of sorts for the past few months. All three still face sexual
offense charges and are accused of assaulting a woman who performed
as a stripper at a March 2006 team party.
Attorney General Roy Cooper's office took over the case in
January. His office still says a review is ongoing.