Man With 77 Sheep Leads Town Of Apex To Ban Most Livestock

The Apex town council has made its final decision: no more sheep on the sofa or pullets on the porch.

The council has banned almost all barnyard animals except horses after authorities discovered 77 sheep living in and around one resident's home.

The Apex Town Council unanimously approved the ban Tuesday, almost a week after David Watts was charged with 30 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty in connection with the condition of the sheep living at his home.

Town officials had let Watts keep the animals because they believed the sheep and chickens were pets. Last week, Wake County animal control officers seized Watts' sheep and charged him.

Watts' next-door neighbor asked why the council members waited years to ban livestock even though residents had complained about the smell. On Tuesday, Mayor Keith Weatherly apologized to Watts' neighbors. The council then enacted the livestock ban, effective June first.