Krispy Kreme Takes Japan By Storm

After years of staying slim on a humble diet of
fish, vegetables and rice, Japanese are developing a sweet tooth,
and they have their eyes on Krispy Kreme.
Since opening in December, Japan's first Krispy Kreme store is
drawing long lines for an hourlong wait or more just to get in. In
the first three days, ten-thousand people came to the shop.
One food writer says health-conscious eating remains a big trend
in Japan, but it has also produced a bit of a backlash --
especially for American-style food. He calls it a search for
The shift is ironic coming at a time when Americans are turning
to Japanese food like sushi and tofu in an effort to stay trim.
Numbers from the World Health Organization show Japanese are far
skinnier on average than the American population.
For Krispy Kreme, Japan is part of a comeback strategy. The
chain saw its stock collapse two years ago under the weight of
overexpansion, an accounting probe and the low-carb diet craze.