Easley Seeks Help From Outside N.C. In OLF Fight

Governor Easley says he's asking senators
outside of North Carolina to help block a proposed Navy project
that would build a landing strip in eastern North Carolina.
North Carolina's two Republican senators have yet to agree to
hold back money for the 30,000 acre site in Washington and
Beaufort counties.
Easley, environmentalists and several public officials have
opposed the project. Easley says he has talked to senators from
Delaware, Maryland and Virginia about applying pressure on the Navy
to discuss an alternative.
Environmentalists believe the Navy has ignored the dangers of
putting jet aircraft in the same airspace as the thousands of
waterfowl that spend the winter at nearby Pocosin Lakes Wildlife
Refuge. Many of those birds come from states north of North
The Navy says the landing field is the preferred site for pilots
flying Super Hornet jets.