Preliminary Approval For Instant Voter Registration

The state House gave preliminary approval
to a bill Wednesday that would allow North Carolinians to register and
immediately cast a ballot at one-stop voting sites.
Some lawmakers worried that the bill sets the bar too low for
proof of identification.
State law currently ends voter registration 25 days before an
election. One-stop voting sites are open from the first Thursday
after the deadline until the Saturday before election day.
Registered voters may go to any one-stop site in their county to
cast a ballot.
But several Republican lawmakers objected that the
identification requirements were too lax. The bill allows
prospective voters to show a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck
"or other government document" as proof of the person's current
The bill itself passed 62-to-51 on a preliminary vote, but a
final vote was delayed to Thursday's session on the objection of
some opponents.