Trump Unveils Furniture Brand In Thomasville

Donald Trump was in Thomasville Tuesday
to unveil his line of home furnishings and upholstery.
"Trump Home," made by Lexington Home Brands, is inspired by
Trump's larger-than-life style that graces his personal homes and
luxurious properties.
Two Trump Home collections, which are being offered by Lexington
through Macy's, will hit stores this summer.
Trump Home is in the middle of Lexington's price range, and
includes bedroom, dining, home office, home entertainment and
occasional furniture, as well as upholstery.
Trump held a meeting with more than 350 furniture home buyers.
And he couldn't resist a dig at Rosie O'Donnell, telling audience
members that while the beds are of high quality, they wouldn't be
strong enough to hold O'Donnell.
O'Donnell and Trump have been publicly feuding since late last