Two Former Presidents To Attend Billy Graham Library Dedication

It' will be a memorable day for Billy Graham. Former U-S presidents Bill Clinton and George H-W Bush will speak at the May 31st dedication of the 27--million-dollar Billy Graham Library in Charlotte.

The famed evangelist also is expected to attend, though how much the 88-year-old participates will depend on his health at the time. Billy Graham suffers from Parkinson's disease.

\It's not clear whether his wife, Ruth Graham Bell, will attend. She's bedridden in the Grahams' home in Montreat.

The library looks like a barn from the outside, a tribute to Graham's childhood years spent on a farm. A giant glass cross is built-in to the front of the building. Graham's son, Franklin, estimates it will attract 200-thousand to 400-thousand people annually.

The library will be open free of charge within weeks after the dedication.