Commission Doesn't Favor UNC-Rocky Mount

 UNC Tarheels

A study commission has recommended that the
University of North Carolina system avoid creating a new campus in
Rocky Mount.
U-N-C president Erskine Bowles said Monday that converting
private North Carolina Wesleyan College into a U-N-C campus would
likely cost the system 207 million dollars over seven years.
Commissioners also worried that it would be difficult to attract
students and faculty to the new campus.
Bowles said students in the Rocky Mount area don't receive an
adequate level of education, making it difficult for the campus to
fill the 2,500 slots needed to sustain a public university campus.
Business and civic leaders have lobbied for months to turn North
Carolina Wesleyan into the 17th campus of the U-N-C system. They
say students from eastern North Carolina leave the area and never
return, and that a U-N-C campus could attract students and jobs to
an area that has struggled economically.