Scout Recovering From "Frost Nip"

The 12-year-old Boy Scout rescued after
spending four days alone and lost in the rugged North Carolina
mountains remains in the hospital. Michael Auberry is recovering
from severe dehydration and what his father called "frost nip."
Michael had lost feeling in his fingers and toes by the time
rescue workers found him Tuesday morning. But his father said
feeling was returning to his son's fingers, and doctors expected
the same for his toes.
One member of Michael's Scout troop says Auberry told his tent
mate before wandering off that he didn't want to go on camping
trips anymore. The boy's father said his son told him he was trying
to find a road to hitchhike home.
Scores of searchers with trained dogs and heat-sensing
helicopters scoured the area for the missing Scout through the
weekend. He was found just before noon on Tuesday.