DNA tests In 13-year-old Murder Case Could Be Reexamined

Pennsylvania prison inmate is asking for new D-N-A tests in a 13-year-old murder case. Patricia Rorrer is formerly from Linwood, North Carolina, and serving a life sentence in the state prison for women at Muncy, Pennsylvania. While not promising to allow the tests, a judge says he will allow an expert to examine evidence from the deaths in 1994 of 26-year-old Joann Katrinak and her three-month-old son, Alex. Katrinak and Alex were the wife and child of Andrew Katrinak. Rorrer, who is Katrinak's former girlfriend, was convicted of abducting Joann Katrinak and her son from their home, shooting Katrinak in the face, and leaving her and the child in the woods, where their bodies were found nearly four months later.