Duplin County May Be Home To New Field Laboratory

North Carolina State University research into fuels made from soybeans, chicken waste and other agricultural products would get a boost from a bill approved by a Senate committee.

The panel gave a favorable vote to a bill that appropriates five million dollars over the next two years to create a field laboratory in Duplin County where N-C State could expand its biofuels research.

University scientists are studying ways to make fuel from a variety of crops such as switchgrass and industrial sweet potatoes, as well as agriculture byproducts such as wood chips and animal waste.

John Wynne, dean of N-C State's College of Agriculture and Life
Sciences, told the committee that North Carolina needs to look at
biofuels made from sources other than corn. He says the state
doesn't grow much corn and using it for fuel would cut into animal
feed sources.

The measure goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee before
it can be considered by the full Senate.