Nifong Lawyers File More Papers In His Defense

Attorneys for the former prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case say their client didn't violate the constitutional rights of the three accused players.

In papers filed last week, attorneys for District Attorney Mike Nifong added to their argument that the players' attorneys received a report and its underlying data on D-N-A testing well before any trial. The report was conducted as part of the assault investigation.

The North Carolina State Bar has accused Nifong of breaking several rules of professional conduct. In an initial response, attorneys for the veteran prosecutor argued their client did not intentionally withhold D-N-A evidence favorable to the accused players.

The D-N-A tests found genetic material from several men on the
woman's underwear and body, but none from any of the players. The
bar's charge that he withheld that evidence from the defense is the
most serious he faces. Nifong could be disbarred if convicted.