Thousands Of NC Licenses and IDs Issued Based On Invalid Social Security Numbers

Nearly 27,000 people used invalid Social Security numbers or numbers belonging to dead people when applying for North Carolina driver's licenses and identification cards.

That's the finding of a state audit released Tuesday. State Auditor Les Merritt's office says the review examined more than 8 million applications at the Division of Motor Vehicles in which a Social Security number was presented. The numbers were crosschecked with numbers on file at the Social Security Administration.

Of those applicants, 14,122 numbers were not within the range of valid numbers. Merritt's office says another 12,796 numbers matched with those of dead people. The two numbers combined represent about one-third of 1 percent of the applications examined.

The review also found that more than half of all the bad numbers
belonged to individuals with revoked and expired licenses or I-D cards.