Missing Boy Scout Found Alive

The father of a 12-year-old Boy Scout rescued in the North Carolina mountains says the young boy left his troop to try and hitchhike home.

Kent Auberry says his son Michael was "homesick" and tried to walk to a nearby road to get home. That was Saturday. Four days later, rescuers found the boy weak and dehydrated in the rugged mountains.
This all took place in Wilkes County, in the upper far left corner of North Carolina.

Park rangers escourted Michael to the Blue Ridge Parkway shortly
before 1 p.m. Shortly afterward, he and his parents gathered at a
parkway office.

Officials first received word shortly before 11 a.m. that Michael was
spotted within a mile and a half of the camp site. Michael vanished after lunch with his fellow Scouts and troop leaders on Saturday.

Kent says his son was able to hear rescuers and helicopters who scoured the mountain looking for him, but that he wasn't able to get the attention of the search teams.