Marines Target Beaver Dams

A special marine team will be blowing up two beaver dams in Onslow County Monday and Tuesday.

Information from officials:

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Marines with the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Explosive Ordnance Disposal team will be destroying two beaver dams in the Holly Ridge area March 19 and 20.

The dams, which are located on Camp Davis, are restricting the ability of water to drain properly, causing many of the low-lying areas to flood.

Once the dams are removed, the flooding should cease. The blast sites are approximately one mile from Holly Ridge; and the small amount of explosives will cause no threat to people or property.

The primary disturbance will be noise and some people who live near the site will feel the ground shake and their windows rattle. The beavers residing in the dams have been trapped and moved to a different location. No beavers will be killed during the operation.