Republicans Trying To Get Unified At Legislature

Republicans in the General Assembly -- particularly those in the House -- are taking baby steps this session to speak with a more unified voice as the minority party. All 52 House members voted for their party's candidate for speaker back in January -- the first time that's happened in a decade. And now their holding weekly news conferences with Senate Republicans to talk up their legislation and challenge Democrats on issues like education and the death penalty. House Republicans fought with each other the past four years because they differed over a power-sharing agreement between then-Speaker Jim Black and Representative Richard Morgan. Some liked it, while others said Morgan betrayed the party in the deal. Dale Folwell is the Republicans' joint caucus leader. He says the party is trying to learn from the past while laying out conservative solutions to the state's problems. He says he's also trying to build unity among first-term G-O-P members who -haven't been in Raleigh the past four years.