Wildlife Officials Say Pesticide For OLF Is Illegal

The state Wildlife Resources Commission has
joined the fight against a Navy landing field in eastern North
The commission wrote to the state's congressional delegation to
protest the planned use of a pesticide for controlling birds.
The letter, also sent to Governor Easley, cites the Navy's plans
to use the pesticide Avitrol as a deterrent to keep birds away from
airport sites.
Commission officials say the use of Avitrol to kill waterfowl is
illegal in the state.
Last month, Easley called on members of Congress to oppose
funding, saying it's not acceptable to spend 230 million
dollars for a landing strip for jet fighters located near a refuge
used by thousands of migrating waterfowl over the winter.
The outlying landing field would be in Washington and Beaufort
counties near the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.