UNC System Prepares For Student Population Spike

The University of North Carolina system believes its student population may grow by nearly 50 percent over the next decade. By 2017, the U-N-C system expects demand to reach nearly 300-thousand, compared with a current enrollment of just over 200-thousand. And that sharp spike could force the schools to revise their education process. Officials say adapting will require creative and cost-effective Approaches, which may include more online learning, year-round
classes and closer affiliations with community colleges and high
schools. The growth also would reshape the demographics of the system's 16 universities. For instance, Hispanic students now make up just under three percent of all freshmen. In the next decade, roughly
one-quarter of all high school graduates in North Carolina will be
Hispanic. An initiative called U-N-C Tomorrow will gather input from
citizens and community leaders around the state to find ways to
accommodate the growth.