House Committee Agrees To Repeal Law Cited In Black Plea

A House insurance committee agreed today to repeal a law that was cited in the federal government's plea deal with former House Speaker Jim Black. Federal prosecutors say Black took thousands of dollars in cash from chiropractors while pushing legislation for their industry.
Black pleaded guilty to one corruption-related charge. The government identified one law passed in 2005 that made sure insurance co-payments for chiropractic services were no higher than those charged for services by a primary-care doctor. The House bill would eliminate that law. A bill co-sponsor, Representative Hugh Holliman of Davidson County, told the committee the repeal -isn't- designed to pass judgment on the merits of the law, only on how it was carried out. A lobbyist for the state chiropractor association says the provision is a good one but he's staying out of the discussion on repealing the bill. Michael Mann hopes another bill to reinstitute the co-payment parity will be considered this year.