Making Landfills Cleaner

A state official Tuesday outlined
recommendations for a law meant to make North Carolina's landfills
cleaner and safer for the environment.
Dexter Matthews of the Division of Waste Management made the
proposals to the Legislature's Environmental Review Commission.
They'll be written up as bill for introduction in the House and
Matthews says his agency recommends that applicants for landfill
permits face a stronger screening process to make sure they haven't
broken any environmental laws, and that there's enough money to fix
any problems.
The proposals call for creating new rules for transporting solid
waste by railway or barge, and for strengthening the current rules
and safety standards for new and existing landfills.
They also include a schedule of permit fees for solid waste
facilities, and a statewide surcharge on solid waste disposal.
The surcharge would help pay for clean-up of abandoned landfills
and hazardous waste sites.