Green Industries Impact On The State

Landscapers, greenhouses, sod producers and
other "green industries" in North Carolina have an eight
billion dollar impact on the state.
That's according to a study announced Tuesday by Agriculture
Commissioner Steve Troxler. He says it's the first time anyone has
put a dollar figure on the impact those types of businesses have on
the state.
The review by the Agriculture Department and economists at North
Carolina State University was funded by the Legislature after
questions arose about the value of some experiments on turf grass
at N-C State. Lawmakers wanted some idea of the economic impact of
businesses that create and maintain different types of green spaces
as well as the companies that supply them.
The study also found that North Carolina homeowners spend an
average of almost $840.00 per year on lawn and landscape
services, while the state has almost $121,000 acres producing
Christmas trees, nursery stock, sod and other commodities.