Death Row Inmate Says He Still Wants To Die

Death row inmate Allen Holman says if the legal process had moved faster, he would have been executed by now for the 1997 shooting death of his estranged wife.

In an interview this morning, Holman remained steadfast in his desire to be put to death. That's despite a court ruling which has basically put North Carolina's death penalty on hold.

Holman was scheduled to be executed at 2 a-m Friday.

The execution was stopped over a legal dispute over whether doctors can attend executions as they have for years in North Carolina. The state Medical Board passed an ethics policy which prohibits doctors from participating in executions. But state law requires that a doctor be present.

The Department of Correction sued the board, saying it couldn't find a doctor willing to take part in an execution. That led a judge to cancel Holman's execution date.