Dessert First, Then Lunch On Thursday For ECU Centennial

east carolina pirate head

It's party time at East Carolina University.

No, it's not that kind of party. It's a birthday party, of sorts, as the school begins its centennial celebration. Today's event is a cake and ice cream party for students.

Pastry chefs have been at work since last week crafting the two-thousand cupcakes and nearly four large sheet cakes, topped by 110 quarts of vanilla icing. One chef says it's the largest projects she's worked on at the company.

Bakers have been decorating cakes since last Tuesday. By the end of the day, their work will have vanished.

With dessert being served today, lunch is set for tomorrow. At noon, there's a barbecue and fried chicken luncheon on the university mall. Organizers expect up to 16-hundred people.