Veteran One Of Many Waiting

The care veterans have been receiving and the conditions and red-tape they've had to face at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is in the spotlight. But many veterans will tell you the fight doesn't stop there. Countless veterans find themselves fighting for benefits for years and years. Wilson Veteran Jim Richardson says it's been mountains of paperwork and a lot of waiting to get benefits and grants from an injury he sustained in the army in 1983. Richardson can't walk, and uses a motorized scooter to get around. He's been waiting since late 2005 for an $11,000 grant to help him buy a car that can handle his scooter and his lift, which has sat unused for almost two years. Richardson is frustrated, but realizes other wounded vets may have more pressing needs with the Department of Veterans' Affairs. An online V.A. workload report for February 2007 shows more than 600,000 outstanding disability claims.