N.C. Lobbyists Rake In The Cash

A campaign finance group reports that
lobbyists received a record 14.7-million dollars for
their work at the General Assembly in 2005.
Democracy North Carolina reviewed filings by more than 700 trade
associations, interest groups and other entities that hired
lobbyists during the "long" legislative session two years ago.
The group found that payments to lobbyists equaled $86,400 for each of the 170 lawmakers.
The analysis was released Monday. It's based on data compiled by
the Secretary of State's Office.
The report found 18 entities paid more than 100-thousand dollars
to their in-house or contract lobbyists. The highest payments were
made by the N.C. Citizens for Business and Industry, which spent
almost $221,000, and the Insurance Federation of North
Carolina at more than $203,000.