Local Veteran Reacts to the Fallout at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

President Bush announced in his radio address, the creation of a commission to investigate the quality of care at all military veterans hospitals. Democrats, who plan congressional hearings on the issue, say better care is needed right away. So what do local veterans think?
Tim Phillips, A Vietnam Veteran and the spokeman for The Vitenam Veteran Of America Chapter in Greenville says he is not surprised. Phillips adds, with the number of wounded and disabled soliders coming home from the war everyday, it seems the veteran's health care is overwhelmed. Phillips says there's just only one reason for the changing of the guard at Walter Reed and that is because"It's a political messed created by the Bush Administration- that his Croonies are trying to hid the actual cost of the war."
Phillips is a Retired Marine once based at Cherry Point Air Station and currently advocates for Veterans with Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder and other disabilities.