WSKY-TV Television Tower Tumbles In Camden County

Most of the stormy weather that battered the Southeast on Thursday had died down before it moved into Eastern Carolina, but the area was still pelted by driving rains and whipped by heavy winds.

But WSKY-TV officials don't believe it was the wind responsible for toppling their new television tower under construction near South Mills in Camden County. WSKY-TV was building the tower to add digital signal when it all came tumbling down Thursday morning.

Reports indicate both the tower and transmission equipment building are complete losses. Reports also state station officials acknowledge the winds were high at the time of the accident, but that the tower should have been able to withstand them. They say they are assuming it is a manufacturer defect.

The collapse has not affected WSKY-TV's cable signals or its broadcast on DirectTV.

According to its website, WSKY-TV is an independent television station (Channel 4) serving the coastal region of North Carolina and Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Hampton Roads, Virginia is a primary target area for the station.

The video accompanying this story is courtesy of WITN's NBC sister station in Norfolk, WAVY-TV.